Savoy Bowl, Amber & Blue

Savoy Bowl, Amber & Blue

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The Savoy Bowl boasts a swirling pattern of amber and cool blue hues, reminiscent of autumn leaves in a quiet stream. Its robust, rounded form gives it a stable presence, with a smooth finish that invites touch. As a centerpiece on a dining table, this bowl lends a natural, serene ambiance to any space, holding small fruits, potpourri or confectionery.


  • Glass, Amber & Grey
  • Approximate Size & Weight: 23Dia x 11H cm, 4kg
  • Food-safe
  • The accuracy of colours may vary on different screens and pictures taken under different lighting or angles. Please visit the showroom to view it in person.

Care instructions:

Handwash by using a mild detergent and warm water and avoid using abrasive scrubbers that could scratch the surface. Dry thoroughly with a soft, clean cloth to prevent water spots and avoid stacking.