Events & Projects

June & July Styled Shoots

Photoshoot featuring New Collection and Marble Revival items. Photos taken at Urban Concept.

- Styled Window Bay Seating Area


- Styled Day Bed featuring Granville Grey, Dijon, Hazel Cushion Covers (left); Brompton White, Cassidy, Granville Blue Cushion Covers (right)


- Styled Day Bed featuring Geneva Vase, Malibu Tray (left); Malibu Coasters (right)

- Styled Living Area (left); Styled Sofa featuring Erica Silver, Mona and Lucca Brown Cushion Covers (right)

- Styled Ottoman featuring Geneva Vase and Mirabel Tray (left); Mirabel Coasters (right)

- Styled Dining Area featuring new 

Ceramic Collection

 and Trogir Tissue Box


- Styled Dining Table featuring Abbott Vase Clear, Harper Coasters Gold, Olive Tea Cup Set (left); Olive Condiment Set, Olive Sauce Bowl, Olive Milk & Sugar Bowl, Lea Plate Green (right)

- Styled Dining Set featuring Mila Bowl Blue Medium, Mirage Placemats Gold, Gold Spoon & Fork Set, Gold Chopsticks & Rests Set (left); Mila Bowl Large, Olive Salt & Pepper Shakers (right)

- Styled Feature Shelf & Kitchen Island

- Styled Shelf featuring Argos Photoframe, Abbott Vase Pink (left); Ashton Bookends (middle); Azalea Vase Grey (right)

- Styled Shelf featuring Glendale Tray, Ebony & Ivory Bird Figurines, Ashford Photoframe Brown (left); Dante Candleholders (middle); Zues Candleholder (right)


- Styled Shelf featuring Elle Photoframe (left); Kelby Box (middle); Quentin Tissue Box Brown (right)

- Styled Shelf featuring Tori Jar Brown (right); Owl Bookends (middle); Roman Photoframe (right)


- Styled Shelf featuring Fraser Sculpture (left); Jared Sculpture Blue (middle); Molecule Sculpture (right)

- Styled Kitchen Island featuring Stria Plate (left); Campbell Box (middle); Ebony Cherry Sculpture (right)


- Styled Office Desk (left); Oscar Organizer (right)

- Styled Office Desk featuring Catania Tissue Box Brown (left); Franklin Stationery Holder (middle); Fullerton Namecard Holder (right)

- Ebony & Ivory Bird Figurines

- Styled Feature Shelves

- Styled Shelves featuring Arden Box (left); Ashford Photoframe Grey (middle); Bolton Tray Grey (right)

- Styled Shelves featuring Bromley Photoframe Grey, Rhodes Photoframe (left); Bromley Photoframe Beige (middle); Campbell Tissue Box Beige (right)

- Styled Shelves featuring Galata Bowl (left), Henley Vase Medium and Large (middle); Tori Jar Brown (right)
- Styled Shelves featuring Jaden Sculpture (left); Smith Bookends (middle); Mercury Bookends (right)


Photoshoot featuring New Collection and Marble Revival items. Photos taken at Only U Space.


- Styled blue sideboard (left), Leone Bowl (right)


- Styled side console table (left), Marvin Tray & Pavia Pineapple (right)


- Styled entryway console (left), Lamont Tray White (right)


- Styled office pantry (left), Denzel Plate Black, Merlot Wine Holder Brown, Dasha Napkin Holder (right)


- Styled tea table, Demi Bowl (left), Denzel Plate White (right)


- Styled feature shelf (left), Yoga Ladies, Eva Vase, Enora Elephant, Chesham Bookends, Marvin Tray, Surrey Box, Turin Diamond Vase White (right) 


- Styled sofa with Tivoli Cushion Cover Grey, Tivoli Cushion Cover Brown, Victoria Cushion Cover Dark Grey (left); Styled armchair with Tivoli Cushion Cover Grey, Seville Cushion Cover Grey & Black (middle); Styled side table with Preston Tray Black (right)

- Styled living area


- Styled coffee table with Clermont Napkin Holder, Serra Vase, Darcy Plate Black, Troy Coasters (right); Styled sofa with Treviso Cushion Cover, Granville Cushion Cover Grey, Clarke Cushion Cover (right)

Marble Revival Launch

May marked a truly significant month for Areli Designs as we proudly launched Marble Revival, a capsule collection consisting of luxury homeware crafted from up-cycled marble. Working together with MM Galleri, a luxury marble supplier based in Singapore, we sought to transform leftover marble slabs, meant to be discarded, into beautiful and functional trays, plates and holders.


- Samantha (Founder, Areli Designs) & Hillary (Director, MM Galleri Singapore) taking a first look at the finished pieces for the Marble Revival Collection

From selecting the marble slabs, designing each piece, sourcing for the perfect hardware to having our designs materialised by the skilled masonry workers at MM Galleri, the process was a long yet rewarding one. Culminating in a soft launch at the recent Mother's Day Pop-Up Showcase, the collection was met with an incredible reception as guests were impressed with the fine quality of the natural stones as well as the underlying story of sustainability and turning waste into luxury.

- Marble Revival Collection on display at Mother's Day Pop-up Showcase

- Tiago Bookends , made from  Italian Statuario Premium marble (middle), Mia Pen Holder , made from Turkish Travertine Pietra marble (far right)


- Marvin Tray , made from Russian Marie Blue natural stone


- Remy Coasters , made from Turkish Travertine Pietra marble (right)


- Mia Pen Holder , made from Italian Carrara White marble (left), Madrid Tray , made from Italian Palissandro Blue marble (right)


- Darcy Plate White, made from Italian Statuario Premium marble (right), Preston Tray, made from Russian Marie Blue natural stone (middle) and Lamont Tray, made from Italian Statuario Premium marble


- Denzel Plate Black (left), Madrid Tray Black (right), made from Indian Astrus Black natural stone

Mother's Day 2023 Campaign

In conjunction with an event that we hold close to our hearts, we embarked on a month-long campaign to celebrate the women who prove that being a devoted mother and a successful career woman are not mutually exclusive, but rather a testament to the power of dedication and resilience.

We collaborated with the wonderful teams from Simone Jewels and Caeli Eco for this campaign, starting off with a photoshoot to spotlight three extraordinary mothers who embody what it means to #OwnYourMotherhood.


- Sara Ann, Presenter & Host, Influencer


- Christine, Corporate Executive


- Andrea, Board Member of Ronald McDonald House Charities Singapore, Volunteer for W!LD RICE


- BTS Shots, Group Photos of Areli Designs, Simone Jewels and Caeli Eco teams

The campaign concluded with a designer pop-up showcase held over three days at Simone Jewels' showroom, where guests can mingle over bubbly and nibbles as well as have a private viewing and shopping of exclusive fashion, home decor and jewellery collections.


With that, we would like to wish all mothers a Happy Mother's Day!


April & May Styled Shoots

Styled Home Shoot at Candice's Home


- Styled TV Console featuring Elephant Figurine, Mia Pen Holder Brown, Marvin Tray and Cubic Sculpture White (left); Harrow Photoframe, Sawyer Vase, Memphis Tissue Box and Manhattan Tray (right)


- Styled Sofa (left); Featuring Erica BrownVendome Cream and Vendome Beige Cushion Covers (right)


- Styled Sofa (left); Featuring Erica BlueBella and Waverly Cushion Covers (right)


- Styled Dining Table (left); Featuring a furry friend (right)


- Styled Dining Table featuring Madrid Tray White, Michel Plate, Golden Eggs Salt & Pepper Shakers, Mia Pen Holder White (left); Winslet Vase Grey and Remy Coasters (right)


- Styled Feature Shelf (left); Featuring Audio Bookends and Mia Pen Holder Brown (right)


- Styled Feature Shelf featuring Valencia Photoframe, Tate Clock White and Concord Jar (left); Dalton Photoframe, Tiago Bookends and Crystalline Sculpture Pyramid (left)

- Styled Easter-themed Studio Shoot featuring Bardot Cushion Cover, Pineapple Figurine Green, Arezzo Plate and Chloe Vase

- Styled Easter-themed Studio Shoot featuring Bristol Vase, Mykonos Coasters, Pineapple Figurine Blue and Bijou Cushion Cover

- Styled Easter-themed Studio Shoot featuring Aspen Mint Blue Cushion Cover, Coventry Vase, Santorini Cherry Sculpture, Pineapple Figurine Pink and Space Bunny Sculpture White

- Styled Hari Raya Haji-themed Studio Shoot featuring Bonsai Cushion Cover, Cosmos Sculpture, Botanic Tray Large and Rayen Photoframe

- Styled Hari Raya Haji-themed Studio Shoot featuring Sinclair Vase Beige, Seychelles Coasters, Quincey Tray and Brompton Cushion Cover Cream

- Styled Hari Raya Haji-themed Studio Shoot featuring Droplet Sculpture, Rochelle Jar Green, Sedona Cushion Cover and Botanic Coasters 

Happy International Women's Day!

In celebration of International Women's Day, we collaborated with three amazing brands: Easven Official, Jeannie Richard Jewelry and The Tea Story for a giveaway to thank the inspiring ladies in our lives. Four lucky winners received a selection of products from each women-owned brand.

February & March Styled Shoots


Styled Bar Series


Styled Bar Counter (left); Featuring Reeves Tray and Ryder Box (right)


- Styled Bar Island featuring Beaufort Tissue Box Grey and Leland Box Grey (left); Cameron Tray and Parker Coasters (right)

- Styled Side Bar Table featuring Quincey Tray (left); Brixton Box White, Bodrum Vase Gold (left)

 Styled Bathroom Series


- Styled Bathroom Counters featuring Halsey Box, Mirabel Vase, Sloane Tissue Box Grey, Rochefort Tray Black (left); Reeves Tray (right)

   - Styled Bathroom Counters featuring Rochefort Tray White (left); Sloane Tissue Box Beige (right)

Styled Shoot at Third Space


- Styled Sofa featuring Seville Grey & Yellow, Solace Yellow, Dynasty Grey Cushion Covers (left); Sutton Yellow (right)


- Styled Sofa featuring Ansan Grey, Solace GreyKenji Yellow Cushion Covers (left); Sutton Grey, Kenji Yellow Cushion Covers (right)


- Styled Lounge Area (left); Styled Coffee Table featuring March Monthly Blooms in Bronte Vase and Rochelle Jar Green (right)


- Styled Armchair featuring Fir Cushion Cover (left); Marco Magazine Rack (right)


- Styled Dining Table (left); Styled Dining Table featuring Shelby Tray Large and Pineapple Figurine Green (right)

- Styled Dining Table featuring Shelby Tray Medium and Chester Plate White


- Styled Coffee Table (left); Styled Coffee Table featuring Birch Tray and Birch Coasters (right)


Styled Coffee Table featuring Vista Candle Holder Gold (left); Velletri Box Cream (right)


Styled Kitchen Feature Shelf (left); Featuring Richmond Tissue Box and Chalon Wine Rack


Styled Kitchen Shelf featuring Randolf Jar (left); Reindeer Bookends (right)


- Styled Kitchen Shelf featuring Derby Tray (left); XO Sculpture (right)

- Styled Kitchen Island (left); Featuring Pandora Plate (right)

- Styled Kitchen Island featuring Baron Tray (left); Botero Jar and Belize Coasters (left)

- Styled Round Dining Table (left); Featuring Knightley Vase Black (right)

- Styled Round Dining Table featuring Michel Plate

- Styled Sideboard (left); Featuring March Monthly Blooms in Bronte Vase and Montana Tissue Box (right)

- Styled Sideboard featuring Finneas Sculpture (left); Rayyen Photoframe and Manhattan Tray (left)

At Home Series with CRIB Society and ...

We partnered with CRIB Society to produce this series with 25 local brands, specially curated and showcased in the beautiful homes of four wonderful ladies.


- Tjin Lee (@tjinlee), Founder of Mercury Social and CRIB Society


- Styled Sofa featuring Sables Cream, Kenji Blue and Kenji Yellow Cushion Covers (left); Sables Mint Blue, Imperial Blue and Kenji Blue Cushion Covers (right)


- Styled Sofa featuring Jade, Fir and Bonsai Cushion Covers (left); Styled Coffee Table featuring Taverny Vase, Botanic Coasters, Lorenzo Jar White, Pineapple Figurine Green and Regent Bowl


- Styled Window Console featuring Corsica Box (left); Rochelle Jar GreenRochelle Jar White and Rochelle Jar Yellow (right)


- Styled Window Console featuring Space Bunny White, Space Bunny Black and Sinclair Vase Beige (left); Coventry Vase and Emery Blue Box (right)


- Melody Chen (@melodychen_) Radio/TV Host, Actor, Voice Talent, Emcee and Media Artist (left); Styled Side Console featuring Audio Bookends and Maison Vase (right)


- Styled Side Console featuring Connor Photoframe Brown (left); Colt Jar, Connor Photoframe Grey (right)


- Styled Side Console featuring Lola Sculpture (left); Styled Coffee Table featuring Turin Bubble Vase Silver, Cameron Tray and Brando Dog Sculpture (right)


- Anna HaotantoManaging Director of ABZD Capital, Founder of The New Savvy, (a financial literacy platform for women) and CNA Host


- Styled Side Console featuring Quincey Tray, Cavallo Coasters (left); Styled Vanity featuring Brixton Box White (right)


- Styled Sofa featuring Midnight, Huangshan, Wutai, Emei, Highland Blue & Peacock Blue Cushion Covers (left); Styled Dining Table featuring Sloane Tissue Box Grey, York Plate Black & Arezzo Plate (right)


- Dr Claudine PangFounder and Medical Director of Asia Retina, Asia Wellness MC, President of AWDSG and Founder of Eyecare Without Borders.


- Styled Bay Window featuring Volos Vase White, Covina Box (left); Styled Shelf featuring Tate Clock Black, Pineapple Figurine Green, Dalton Photoframe Grey

Selected Styling Projects with Clients and Friends


Collaborations and Projects

Christmas Masterclass with Freia Aesthetics and Candles of Light. 

At Home with .... Series with Crib Society and Friends

Father's Day Collaboration with Easven and Mimeu Bakery / Branding with KHK Asia
Giving Back To The Community - Lions Club 34th Anniversary Gala. Sales Proceeds given to Lions Club for charity.
International Womens' Day with Candles of Light and Avyanna / Branding with Art4Keep.